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Why does my Pocket Reader display “LOW BATTERY” when the READ button is pressed and won’t read microchips?

There are two likely explanations for this issue:

  1. The 9V battery in the reader needs replacing as it is low in power.
  2. The 9V battery is a non-alkaline battery and cannot provide sufficient power when it is put under load when the READ button is presssed. All batteries suffer a reduction in available capacity when placed under heavy load, but some perform better than others. Alkaline batteries are better than non-alkaline batteries because they last longer and they keep their voltage better when current is drawn from them. This is even the case when both batteries are new. When both alkaline and non-alkaline batteries have been used for some time they both may still have an acceptable voltage (> 8 Volts) when there is no load put on them i.e. when the READ button is not activated BUT when the READ button is pressed the voltage drop in the non-alkaline battery may be enough to prevent the reader from functioning and the LOW BATTERY display will appear. This is the reason why we strongly recommend using high quality ALKALINE batteries for all of our LID54x, LID56x and LID57x hand-held readers. DURACELL and ENERGIZER are two examples of high quality alkaline batteries that we would recommend.