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All-In-One ISO Midi-Chips

We have listened to those of you who misplace, accidentally dispose of or simply do not like using the Trovan®  re-usable syringe-style implanter and now we have the Midi-Chip alternative!

The Trovan® ID162 VB (1.4) ISO FDX-B ‘All-In-One’ Midi-Chip Transponder is designed for people who prefer to use a disposable “all-in-one” implanter/needle/transponder device to deliver the Trovan® ISO microchip.

Microchips Australia is the only microchip supplier that can provide both conventional-sized and the small Midi-Chips in any format of your choice ("in needle only" or an "all-in-one" disposable format).. whatever is your favourite …we can provide it!

You can grab a copy of the brochure HERE and the order form HERE.

Or contact us at Microchips Australia for pricing

or ask your favourite veterinary wholesaler