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Product Applications


Trovan transponders, hand-held readers and fixed reading systems can be used in just about any application or industry! As Microchips Australia, we have supplied Trovan equipment for use in all sorts of equipment, instruments, machinery, structures, trees, pearl oysters and other items but our main supply is for companion animals and zoo and wildlife applications!   


Fig. 1 Hume Highway Rope Bridge LID650/ANT612 Unit


Fig. 2 Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat approaching ANTSQR500 antenna and scales


Fig. 3 ANTC600 antenna at Northen Hairy Nosed Wombat burrow


Fig. 4 ANTC100 antenna, LID608 decoder, scales and solar panel for Stick Nest Rats project

     Fig.5 Stick nest rat entering unit









By clicking on each of the Application pages you can see just a small sample of the possible applications that Microchips Australia can help you with.........