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Bev from "Compassion and Soul" and the Centre for Orangutan Protection in Borneo sent us the following news:

"We wanted to let you know that we have just used the microchip equipment again that was donated by Microchips Australia. You can see it in THIS ALBUM that we posted on the COP page." 














"Also wanted to let you know that in September last year we started building a much needed Orangutan & Wildlife Rescue & Rehab Centre in North East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. So far we have built a small road from the main road to the edge of the rainforest (the centre is in a national park with precious & rare trees), part of a boardwalk, staff quarters, a kitchen, a small ablutions block, block 1 of 4 quarantine cages, block 1 of 4 socialisation cages and are just about to start building the clinic, a temporary gibbon enclosure and 3 free ranging enclosures for 3 orangutans, 2 who have been caged for 24hrs and 1 who has Hep B – all who can never be released back to the wild. We have transferred 14 orangutans (all in cages for the time being) to the not yet finished centre so far and the 2 baby orangutans and 1 baby sunbear who are being held in less than favourable conditions at a govt office who were microchipped this week will also be transferred to the centre as soon as we have built more enclosures as we are currently full."