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At last... surgical site access the way it should be! The unique Lone Star retractor system delivers uncluttered access using counter-traction with small hooks. The result... a surgical site that easily adapts as the procedure progresses.

Microchips Australia is now the Australian exclusive sub-distributor for the Lone Star Veterinary Retractor products. 

The Lone Star Veterinary Retractor System consists of two autoclavable components:

  • retractor ring (2 sizes)


  • hooks (various types & sizes)

The retractor ring can easily be adapted to the anatomy of the surgical site. The hooks provide precise retraction with adjustable tension without  obstructing the surgical site. All products have a 1-year warranty and are validated through 20 autoclave cycles.

 The Lone Star Retractor System is suited to many veterinary procedures such as:

  • Ocular Surgery, Inguinal Hernia Repair, Anal Sac Removal, Spinal surgery providing a better, uncluttered access that can be quickly adapted as the procedure progresses.  
  • Avian, Reptile, Unusual Pet surgery where space can be critical and can free up your assistant to closely monitor the anaesthaesia.
  • Laboratory Animal procedures
  • Any procedure where standard retraction with hand-held or large mechanical retractors is unavailable, not feasible or too cumbersome.

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