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The Scientific Expedition Group Inc. is a non-profit organisation based in SouthAustralia which aims:

  • to promote and run expeditions of a scientific, cultural and adventurous nature.
  • to encourage knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment.
  • to promote the values and philosophies of wilderness to develop skills required for competent field work.
  • to develop interpersonal skills by living and working towards a common goal.

For the past few years the Scientific Expedition Group have been microchipping native rats, female antechinus and bandicoots and this has had a huge impact on the way they handle recaptured animals as they are rapidly scanned and identified with a Trovan microchip reader with little stress to the animal. The Scientific Expedition Group uses this identification work to conduct vital survey work such as the Minnawarra Biodiversity Surveys. 

In the past the Scientific Expedition Group received funding through various grants to purchase microchips and readers but this has "dried up" in the present economic climate. Without microchip identification this incredibly valuable survey work is extremely difficult and far less reliable. So, Microchips Australia has decided to donate Trovan ID100(1.4) Midi-Chips to the Scientific Expedition Group for the Minnawarra Biodiversity Surveys!

The Scientific Expedition Group Inc. was established in 1984 and is a volunteer, non profit organisation, relying on contributions and membership fees to organise and run expeditions and to produce the SEGments newsletter.

Check out the Scientific Expedition Group Facebook page and their website