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Fish Reader System - RFID

The FishReader is a robust table top data collection system integrating scales and PEN-reader data entry system. It is made specially for use in marine environments and designed to automate data entries such as transponder ID number and weight. The PEN antenna can be used to touch added data points to easily and accurately record data on the specimen such as sex (M/F), color, scale and mucous characteristics, as well as any other discrete characteristics, which may be associated to the individual data points. The data collection system works with TROVAN UNIQUE transponders and uses a super rugged piezoelectric keypad for additional data entry. The FishReader W comes with ZeusCapture software, a configurable PC companion software, that speeds up data entry and improves data accuracy. Optional features include barcode reader, electronic thermometer or electronic calipers (to measure fish length). An optional measuring board allows operator to place the fish on the board and with a simple touch of the PEN antenna record the length of the fish. The measuring board accommodates lengths from 5 to 34 cm.

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