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Trovan ID162 ISO FDX-B Transponder

The Trovan ID162 ISO FDX-B implantable transponder is 11mm long and 2.2mm in diameter and is designed for animal identification. Being compliant with ISO Standards 11784 & 11785, it is specifically suited to the identification of companion animals in countries requiring the use of ISO FDXB transponders for that purpose. For use in companion animals in Australia, the Trovan ID162 ISO FDX-B implantable transponders are sold complete with a lifetime registration on the national Central Animal Records database. "Chip&Life" packages are available via veterinary wholesalers throughout Australia or direct from Microchips Australia.


For its operation, the passive transponder does not need a battery and can be interrogated by a hand held or stationary reader. The transponder is electro-magnetically activated by the reader. Once activated, the transponder then transmits its unique code to the reader. Then the code is forwarded to a decoder logic for code analysis, and is simultaneously displayed on the LCD and stored in the reader for immediate or future processing.

The Trovan ID162 ISO FDX-B transponder is supplied individually packaged in a disposable needle pre-sterilised ready for use with the Trovan IM200 re-usable implanter specifically designed for use only with Trovan ID162 FDXB and Trovan Unique ID100 FDXA transponders. Unlike an “all-in-one” needle and implanter format, there is less waste as only the needle is placed in sharps disposal after use. The transponder package comes with 6 adhesive labels showing the ID number in barcode and numeric format.

The ID162 ISO FDXB transponder code is a 15 digit numeric code beginning with the 956 ICAR Trovan manufacturing prefix.


The ID162 ISO FDXB transponders can also be used in certain research applications but, as opposed to the use of Trovan Unique ID100 FDXA transponders, their use may limit the range of antennas that can be used in remote monitoring systems.  


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