ANT-C600 Circular Antenna 600mm Diameter

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Single coil antenna 

  • Reads both Trovan Unique FDXA and ISO FDXB transponders

  • Fully submersible 

  • Ideal for aquatic, marine projects or river, creek, stream environments for fish or swimming animals such as platypus

  • Also suitable for larger burrowing mammals such as wombats or for use in monitoring animals using road underpasses, culverts or pipes

  • Will pick up Trovan Unique ID-100 transponders in horizontal orientation passing through the antenna anywhere within the internal antenna area

  • Use with LID608 decoder or, by incorporating a TM613 antenna driver, also the LID650 decoder

  • Dimensions 600mm inner diameter x 345mm depth by 5mm thickness

  • Weight 7.2kgs

  • Standard cable length 4 metres

  • Fully submersible IP68 rating

Enquire for pricing and best configuration.

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