Checkout Policy

Checkout Policy 

 Account Creation

 It is not mandatory to create an account when making a purchase. Microchips Australia will however keep a record of the details that are entered to create a client profile for the purpose of warranties and returns. Isn’t that the same as creating an account??  We will not provide your personal information to third parties or use your information for marketing purposes unless you have provided consent.


Payment Options

 Microchips Australia offers a variety of payment options either directly to us or through third parties including PayPal, E-Way and AfterPay for added convenience. Microchips Australia is not liable for any financial loss or breach of privacy as a result of using these third party services. 


Payment Details

 No payment information is stored on our records after client’s complete payment. A printed copy of the tax invoice is sent with the product.

Blocked Payments 

 To maintain the the security of our site, our system may block users from making purchases if any of our red flags are triggered. If the site prevents you from making a purchase, please call or email us so that we may assist. 

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