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Every companion animal microchip sold by Microchips Australia includes pre-paid registration to Central Animal Records.
Established in 1989, Central Animal Records commenced operation as one of Australia's first animal microchip registries. Since its inception, Central Animal Records has worked closely with Local and State Governments and their affiliates, animal welfare organisations, the pet industry, practising veterinarians and the Australian Veterinary Association, to become and continue to be, one of the leading microchip pet microchip registries in Australia. Central Animal Records was also the first to adopt a 24 hour per day, 7 day per week animal recovery service, that ensured that an operator was available at any time of the day or night to assist with the reunion of owners with their lost or injured pets. In 1998, Central Animal Records became the first microchip registry to be approved by Domestic Animal Registries Incorporated - the registry watchdog at that time. In 2004 Central Animal Records became the first microchip registry in Australia to be nationally accredited by the Australian Veterinary Association. In 2006 Central Animal Records became the first accredited companion animal microchip registry by the Victorian Government under the new and revised Domestic (Feral & Nuisance) Animals Act and Regulations. In 2017 Central Animal Records took over the management of all data and services previously maintained by the National Pet Register, meaning that Central Animal Records is now the largest companion animal microchip registry in Australia.

What we do

Central Animal Records not only provides a 24 hour national recovery service for microchipped pets, but also offers a range of registry and data management services to many Government and non-Government agencies and companies. Essentially, we act as a service provider, utilising our expertise to provide a centralised national or international registry and data maintenance service that can be customised to suit a great number of applications. In doing so, we pride ourselves in developing and implementing protocols that ensure data integrity and are able to leverage the significant investment that we make in our team members, resources and technology, to provide you with the best product. We trust that our experience since inception in 1989 and our demonstrable commitment to service and data integrity, make it attractive for organisations to seek and utilise our services rather than develop their own.

Companion Animal Microchip Registry

Our highest profile role has been in the operation of one of Australia's leading companion animal microchip registries. In this role, we operate a 24 hour, 7 day per week animal recovery service and work closely with State governments, legislative developers, municipal councils (and their representative associations in all Australian States and Territories), animal welfare agencies, microchip distributors and the Australian Veterinary Association (both at National and State level). We have established a functional system integrated into other accredited national microchip registries that helps ensure lost or stolen animals can be returned to their owners as soon as possible. We offer a lifetime subscription product to authorised implanters of microchips in companion animals either direct or via distributors of identification technology whether it be by microchip or external tag or a combination of both. Animal/Owner data is maintained and able to to be modified for the lifetime of the animal. A subscription is not transferable to another animal.

The following components are part of a suite of services available with our companion animal subscription product:

  1. Establishment and recording of end-user data and the creation of the lifetime subscription on the registry.
  2. Certificate of Identification or Identification Acknowledgement emailed, sent by SMS or posted directly to the pet owner.
  3. Uniquely numbered external identification tag that is linked to subscription.
  4. Availability of the animal recovery service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  5. Easy access to updating of animal and owner information by owners through an authorised log-in on-line or by use of email, fax or phone after proof of identity has been established.
  6. Ability of authorised implanters to log-in to the Central Animal Records website and enter new subscriptions to appear on the registry immediately after submission and to print Identification Certificates on-site. Authorised implanters can also view details of animals that they have previously implanted. 

Registry Service Provider

Central Animal Records continues to successfully provide registry services for a number of other Government and non-Government agencies. In each case, ownership of the data does not reside with Central Animal Records - we merely act as a service provider and are subject to very specific guidelines including external audit to ensure privacy, data integrity and appropriate and timely service delivery. Further, we can also provide a number of specific components that can add value to your own product such as Certificates of Identification, Identification Acknowledgements, linked numbered external tags and linkage to other existing identification systems.
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Contact Details

Phone: 03 9706 3187

Email: info@car.com.au

Website: car.com.au



- Visit their website www.car.com.au


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