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Microchips & Remote Monitoring Systems

How does it work?

We provide a range of sterile or non-sterile Trovan microchips that are ready to implant and suitable for all manner of aquatic life.

What are the applications?

Once fish have been microchipped, they can easily be identified using one of our economic portable hand-held readers when they have been recaptured, caught, injured or found dead.

We even have water-proof pole readers designed specifically for aquacultural use.

What about remote monitoring?

If you intend to try to track the movements of the fish out in the field or within a tank or enclosure, then this may be achieved by setting up remote monitoring systems consisting of single or multi coil antennas connected to paired decoder/data loggers. The information collected by your decoder can then be transferred to your PC in a CSV format, allowing you to generate incredibly useful information for your project.

Example: By connecting a waterproof antenna to a decoder or data-logger, researchers and conservationists are able to track the movement of individual fish. This could track activity levels, eating habits, interactions and more.

Automated biometric recording

Fish Reader System:  Integrated data collection terminal, including weigh scale. The Fish Reader automates the capture of fish data including: identity, length, weight and any other data points desired (sex, appearance, specific deformities, results of challenge tests etc). Each DataPoint embedded in the Fish Reader can be associated with a value of your choice. You define, save and modify the value of each DataPoint using our user-friendly setup software.

Fish Measuring Board: The Fish Measuring Board lets you measure the length of the specimen and, used in conjunction with the Fish Reader, automatically enters the data into excel or another software without typing (included with fish reader system and is also available to purchase separately).

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How much will it cost?

Our microchips start from as little as $4.90/unit inc GST.

Our handheld readers start from $249.00 inc GST.

A basic remote monitoring system can be setup from $2,000 inc GST.

Projects using our microchips and RFID technology

Pearl Research (WA)

Microchips Australia supplied aquacultural products to assist in a research project on pearls based in Broome, Western Australia.

Freshwater Crays (TAS)

Our microchips and RFID equipment were used to find and study the freshwater crayfish in Tasmania.

Port Jackson Sharks (NSW)

Our microchips and readers were used as part of a Macquarie University research project in Port Jackson. The study identified human-like relationships and social interactions among the shark population.

Barramundi (NSW & NT)

Multiple hatcheries that rear Barramundi, Silver Perch and Murray Cod have made use of our microchips and RFID equipment to assist with their commercial projects.

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