Supported Projects

We are passionate about wildlife care and conservation and so, whenever possible we donate RFID equipment and support certain projects aimed at conservation such as:
Zoos Victoria
Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation
SAVE African Rhino Foundation


Bali Myna Conservation Project by the Begawan Foundation


Cikananga Wildlife Center

Wanicare Foundation


We are also equally committed to the support of humanitarian projects focused on social justice especially if those projects involve animal welfare as well. For this reason we are proud to be supporters of the Pets in the Park initiative aimed at delivering free veterinary care for animals owned by homeless or disadvantage people and now operating in most capital cities in Australia.

We also support other great projects such as the Maningrida animal management in indigenous communities in Northern Territory as well as several other animal welfare and rescue organisations throughout Australia and overseas.

We feel committed to help others who are selflessly fighting for causes such as those mentioned above to help raise awareness, increase knowledge and hopefully save people and animals that desperately need help. Our only regret is that we are often unable to support many other equally important projects as there are so many in need.

It is our mission to build on the excellence of our microchip technology by providing our customers with services, support and solutions of an equally high standard.

Our vision is to be the preferred technology in the Australasian market by providing the highest quality, best value and most reliable microchip technology and support. We will always only select high quality product lines which reflect our ethos of high quality and reliability and our focus on animal welfare and helping to ensure that owners are with their beloved pets for as long as possible.

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