Companion Animal Application

Product Uses:

Microchips Australia has been distributing Trovan microchips for well over 25 years now and have stayed with Trovan because they are reliable and made in Europe under strict high quality standards, including the stringent Six Sigma method. As a result we rarely, if ever, have any faults or issues with the microchips!

Trovan microchips are supplied in attractive, professional 10 pack-boxes suitable for use in the consulting room.

Trovan/CAR packages are now available as:

1. Trovan/CAR on-line package – This is a new product incorporating a Trovan Midi-Chip “All-in-One” microchip with a Central Animal Records (CAR) on-line data entry lifetime subscription Central Animal Records on-line data entry lifetime subscription is the new, user-friendly on-line data entry via authorised log-in access to enter CAR subscriptions on-line with immediate database changes, print off Identification Certificates for owners immediately after entering the CAR subscription, view and verify all details of your previous microchip subscriptions, view and update your profile details and view all previous reunions of lost pets and owners that you have facilitated in the past. Owners can also receive their Identification Certificate via email.

2. Trovan/CAR Choice packages – With Trovan/CAR Choice you can order Trovan microchips in any combination of size and format that you prefer …. either conventional size (11mm x 2.2mm) or smaller Midi-Chip (8mm x 1.4mm) and “in-needle only” or “all-in-one” format. Prices will vary according to the number ordered.

You can also choose to post, fax or scan and email your CAR subscription forms to CAR for CAR staff to do the data entry or you can elect to enter the CAR subscriptions on-line yourself.

In all of our Trovan/CAR products the microchip comes linked with a lifetime subscription on the licensed national Central Animal Records (CAR) animal microchip registry. CAR provides a reliable, 24 hour, 7 day per week animal recovery service for lost or stolen companion animals including not only dogs and cats, but also horses, birds, reptiles and exotic pets. As an implanter of Trovan microchips you can also gain authorised access to the CAR database for obtaining animal/owner details for the purposes of reuniting a lost pet with his/her owner or confirming details for an owner. You can also enter subscriptions directly onto the CAR database* as well as view the list of animals that you have microchipped to ensure that all of them are listed on the database and even print Identification Certificates for owners while they are in your clinic! To obtain the authorised log-in or to find out more about on-line data entry please check the CAR website ( or contact CAR at or call 0397063187.

[*Please note that if you have purchased the Trovan/CAR on-line only product and you print and fax, post or send that subscription form to CAR for CAR staff to enter the subscription form for you, you will be contacted and told that you will be charged an additional fee.]

CAR collar tags linked to the animal microchip record for further facilitation of reunions of owners and lost pets can also be added to your Trovan/CAR product package.

Free promotion/information brochures and coloured posters are also available for display in your clinic, shelter or office.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or would like further information.

We often have a scanner special available which we will advertise periodically whereby you can receive free of charge, for example, a Trovan LID560 hand held multi-reader with orders of 500 or 1000 chips depending on the offer.

You can order our packs directly from Microchips Australia, or via your veterinary wholesaler. 

Once you have purchased Trovan microchips from Microchips Australia, you are also able to view your own clinic/council/organisation implant details via secure log-in to the Central Animal Records website, free of charge. You are also entitled to all support brochures & posters free of charge, plus we have other promotional items available at cost price, such as demonstration acrylic dogs, cats or key-rings "implanted" with a live Trovan microchip, as well as stickers etc. that we find serve as a great promotional tool.

Call or email us at Microchips Australia for accurate pricing and further information about our Trovan/CAR On-Line and Trovan/CAR Choice packages for companion animals.

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