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Here you will updates regarding Microchips Australia and our products as well as general announcements. Feel free to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages, don't forget to follow us for the latest content.



June 27 2019 - Saving The World's Rarest Sea Lion Pups

You'll find the rarest sea lions in the world on the Otago Peninsula, #New Zealand. Watch ranger Jim courageously trying to scan the sea lions for microchips here!



June 14 2019 - New Website Goes Live

Microchips Australia is proud to announce that our new website has just gone live. Our site is more functional and innovative than ever.

  • You'll find that requesting a quote for one or multiple products is as easy as clicking a button. 
  • Navigating our expansive product range is now simpler.
  • We have also included Afterpay as a payment method to provide greater flexibility to our customers.
  • And more!!!



February 24 2019 - Magical Land Of Oz Ep.3 Feature

Microchips Australia is a proud supporter of wildlife conservation activities. View our monitoring systems being used in Rob's watering station for Koala's in ABC's MagicalLand of OZ Ep.3 Human Shift. This video is available until July 24 2019.


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