Production Animal Application

Product Uses:

The Trovan LID575 READER reads all companion animal microchips routinely used in Australia as well as NLIS cattle, sheep and goat ear tags!!

The LID575 Multi reader is one of the most versatile and useful animal microchip readers in Australia! It is capable of reading all transponders commonly used in Australia for identification of dogs and cats (ISO FDX-B and non-ISO FDX-A) and is ideal for scanning microchips in horses with a great read range of about 80mm. To add to its versatility it can also read HDX transponders such as in the NLIS ear tags.

The reader can also be connected to a computer by a USB interface allowing you to store up to 5370 reads including day, date and time data. This data can then be transferred to a laptop or other computer and displayed in a simple Excel spreadsheet format.

The reader is lightweight (300grams including batteries) and is powered by 4 x 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries (can be rechargeable) It is splash-proof and has a 2 x 16 character LCD display with backlight.

Another great feature is Last Number Recall allowing you to view the last microchip number read – even weeks afterwards!

The AREH5 Reader is another one of our range of hand-held readers that can read the NLIS cattle, sheep and goat ear tags. This reader has one of the best read ranges of all of the hand-held readers as it can read Trovan ISO ID162 transponders up to 200 mm and Trovan ISO ID162(1.4) Midi-Chips at up to 150mm.

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