Difference Between Online & Choice Packages

Companion Animal Microchips

Trovan/CAR Online vs Trovan/CAR Choice


All of our Trovan ISO microchips sold for companion animal use in Australia are sold with a lifetime subscription to Central Animal Records (CAR).

There are two general packages - Trovan/CAR Choice and Trovan/CAR On-Line. 

  1. All Trovan/CAR On-Linepackages are supplied with Trovan ISO “all-in-one” Midi-Chips (Trovan ID162(1.4)VB) and the CAR subscriptions can ONLY be completed on-line. The Trovan/CAR On-Line product is more economical and the user-friendly on-line data entry via authorised log-in access to enter CAR subscriptions on-line offers:
  • Immediate database changes on submitting the details
  • ability to print Identification Certificates for owners immediately after entering the CAR subscription
  • view and verify all details of your previous microchip subscriptions
  • view and update your profile details and view all previous reunions of lost pets and
  • owners that you have facilitated in the past.
  1. With Trovan/CAR Choice, you can order Trovan ISO microchips in any combination of size and format that you prefer …. either conventional size (11mm x 2.2mm) or smaller Midi-Chip (8mm x 1.4mm) and “in-needle only” or “all-in-one” format. Prices will vary according to the number ordered. Trovan/CAR Choice also gives you choice in how the CAR subscription is processed - you can choose to scan and email, fax or post your CAR subscription forms to CAR for CAR staff to do the data entry or you can elect to enter the CAR subscriptions on-line yourself.

    All Trovan FDX-B transponders (microchips) are manufactured in accordance with ISO 11784/85 standard. The FDX-B Standards Compliant Series ID-162 offers transponders with factory-preset 15-digit ID codes. These transponders are read-only and their ID code is unchanged. Our standard ready-to-use configuration begins with the TROVAN manufacturer's 956 code.


    We have a helpful guide to assist you with entering our microchips on Central Animal Records with simple steps and screenshots. Download Guide


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