Trovan ID1000/12 Disc Transponder

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The Trovan ID1000/12 Disc Transponder is 12mm in diameter and approximately 2mm thick and is designed for use in applications which require a small, unobtrusive identification tag, and call for operation without the restrictions of line-of-sight scanning. TROVAN transponders, unlike bar code systems, are environment independent, and will even operate submerged in liquids. They can be read spherically from any direction through most materials, except some metals, irrespective of light or environmental conditions.    

 The Trovan ID1000/12 Disc Transponder is ideally suited for use in many applications including keg and container identification, gas cylinder tracking, inventory control, manufacturing, warehousing and asset management. 



It has a rugged encapsulation, capable of high performance in harsh environments. It is fully submersible and has a high vibration tolerance. With a low-profile form factor it can even be read when flush-mounted on many metal surfaces.


Typical Read Range  Performance

Scanner Read Distance (mm)

GR250 230

AREH5 120

LID560/LID573 30

LID575 70


Trovan industrial transponders are "passive" transponders with no batteries and thus have high reliability and an unlimited number of reads. Each transponder is programmed with a unique code during manufacture. This unique code cannot be altered or tampered with at any time thereafter and gives the user a means of identification with an unmatched degree of security.

Typical applications include:

  • Work-in-progress

  • Warehouse management / stock handling

  • Automobile industry: production control, coded chassis numbers, theft protection

  • Traffic flow control, parking, automatic toll accounting

  • Tool tracking

  • Valuable items registration, insurance

  • Item shelf life control

  • Military applications, ammunitions, arms, spare parts

  • Shipping containers, cargo pallets

  • Customs, seals

  • Concrete structures

  • Survey monuments

  • Industrial gas cylinder ID and tracking

  • Hazardous waste management and tracking

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