Trovan ID400 Card Transponder

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The ID 400 Card Transponder is a passive (no battery) transponder designed to replace conventional ID badges and tickets that require the wearer to insert or present a card for identification. Users can even put the ID 400 Hands-Free Card in their pocket or wallet and forget it as the card can be scanned no matter where it is: no need to search through clothing, put down boxes or briefcases in order to put the card into or near a reader.

Typical Read Range Performance

LID560/LID573 = 7cms

LID575 = 22cms

GR250 = 45cms

AREH5 = 28cms

ANT612 = 52cms


The ID 400 HandsFree Card can be easily personalised with a logo, ID photo and other data - even a bar code - and is very similar in size to a credit card!

The ID 400 HandsFree Card is also available with a slot for use with standard ID badge clips.


  • Access control for secure areas/research facilities

  • Staff time/attendance task time recording

  • Personnel ID badges

  • Parking passes

  • Club member passes

  • Ski lift ticketing and amusement parks

  • Identification of items such as hospital mattresses etc

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