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Trovan/C.A.R. Companion Animal Microchip Packages

Our Microchip Packages

We offer the ‘All-In-One’ and ‘Enviro’ microchip packages which come with a lifetime listing to Central Animal Records, Australia’s largest national registry for pets.

All-In-One Implanter Type: This combines the implanter, needle and microchip. This format is designed for those who prefer to use an 'All-In-One' implanter to deliver the microchip and the entire device is disposed of after use.

Enviro Implanter Type: This combines the needle and microchip only and requires the use of a re-usable implanter to implant the microchip. This format is designed for those who wish to reduce their impact on the environment by limiting the amount of plastic waste – only the needle is disposed of after use.

Sizing Options

Midi-Chip (8mm x 1.4mm):

This is the more common microchip (transponder) size now used in most companion animals in Australia and is ideally suited to dogs and cats as well as birds and exotic pets.

Conventional (12mm x 2.2mm):

The larger, 'Conventional-sized' microchip is ideally suited to large breed dogs and horses and has a slightly longer read range than the smaller “Midi-Chips”.

Data-Entry Methods & Pricing

All of our companion animal microchips come with lifetime prepaid C.A.R. listings. The data-entry method chosen will largely determine the price per unit.


You can choose to post, fax or scan and email your subscription forms to C.A.R. for C.A.R. staff to enter or you can elect to enter the C.A.R. subscriptions yourself online.

This data-entry option offers the greatest flexibility.


The C.A.R. subscriptions for these microchips can only be entered by you or your staff online. Not only does this remove the need for paper and printing. It also means that there will be no wait times for your clients and C.A.R. identification certificates can be printed and handed to owners immediately after the data has been completed.


The Vedi data-entry option allows users to complete new subscriptions directly through their Vedi app. Once your first order is placed, you will be contacted by the Vedi team to complete your account setup.

These microchips can ONLY be entered through the Vedi app. 

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All-In-One: $12.95/unit

Enviro: $12.45/unit

All-In-One: $9.95/unit

Enviro: $9.45/unit

All-In-One: $9.95/unit

Enviro: $9.45/unit


When you order one of our Enviro or All-In-One bundles which includes 50 microchips and a handheld reader, you can reduce the effective cost of your microchips to as little as $7.20/unit*

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*Effective pricing is calculated based on the regular retail price of the microchips less the savings gained by bundling the products. The effective pricing cannot be applied to microchips purchased outside of the bundle.

Why choose Microchips Australia?

Vet Benefits

FREE ‘Vet Clinic’ online login: Allows you to enter microchip subscriptions online within minutes, view subscription history, conduct microchip searches and view search history.

Flexible options to suit your needs: With our microchips, you can choose your preferred data-entry method, microchip size and implanter type.

Sustainable options: Vets can complete all subscriptions online to remove the need for paper and printing. We also offer ‘Enviro’ format microchips which reduce the amount of plastic waste that can end up in our oceans and waterways.

Supporting animal welfare: A portion of all microchip subscriptions will help support Australian animal welfare organisations through ‘CARMA for Animals’.

24/7 animal recovery line: Microchip searches can be conducted anytime through our dedicated recovery line which covers all 5 national databases.

Prepaid Lifetime Registration to C.A.R. All of our microchips include prepaid lifetime C.A.R. Registrations. 

Premium quality: Our microchips are designed to last a pet’s lifetime and are made in Europe under strict high-quality standards including the Six-Sigma method.


Vet Clinic

Using Microchips Australia with Central Animal Records has been an absolute game changer for us.

Vet Clinic

The customer service is second to none. Even when I had a problem it was sorted immediately with no fuss. Highly recommended.

Vet Clinic

 Process of registering, purchasing and fixing microchips is stupidly easy with these guys.

Council Ranger

Trovan Microchips are my favourite chips. Nice and sharp, large number stickers and easy to read. Wouldn’t use any other chip. I recommend Trovan chips for all to use.

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