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Vedi - Smart Microchip Registrations

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About Vedi Smart Microchip Registrations

No more filling in forms or waiting for confirmation! Vedi pre-fills an online registration form and sends it straight to Central Animal Records. It's all done in seconds.
Pet owners are then emailed their registration details along with a login to update their information.

How Does It Work?

1. Press + and select ‘Microchip Registration’ from the patient profile.
2. Confirm the owner details.
This will be pre-filled.
3. Read and agree to the Central Animal Records Declaration.
4. Select your name from the dropdown list and use the 'tick' button to sign and submit.

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Other Vedi Benefits

- Smart Vaccinations: Easy, automated vaccine recording and tracking.
- Smart Pathology: Submit pathology testing in a few clicks and access results anytime, anywhere.
- Locked to the animal's microchip – all VetDB verified health data goes wherever your animal goes!
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Central Animal Records

All companion animal microchips sold by Microchips Australia include lifetime registration to Central Animal Records, Australia's largest national database for companion animals.


Total Pets Listed: 5.1 Million
Total Owners Listed: 3.8 Million 
Total Lost Pet Recoveries: 2.2 Million

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All-In-One Pricing

'With 'Vedi - Instant Submission' data-entry method

Enviro Pricing

With 'Vedi - Instant Submission' data-entry method

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Vedi Benefits

Safely registered in a few clicks:
Vedi pre-fills your forms and sends it straight Central Animal Records. 
Instant confirmation to your inbox:
As soon as you click sign and submit, the registration is complete and the patient's owner receives a 'Certificate of Identification' via email.
Help reunite lost pets with their owners:
Scan a lost pet's microchip and Vedi can tell you which registry the microchip is listed with.
Smart Vaccinations: Automated vaccine data capture and management.
Smart Pathology: Submit tests, access results, instantly notify couriers.

Smart Health Records: PIMS sync, accurate medical data and accessibility.

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Microchip Benefits

Value: Prepaid lifetime registration to Central Animal Records included with every microchip.

Quality: Premium European-made microchips designed to last a pet's lifetime.

Support: Dedicated 24/7 recovery line for microchip searches and friendly customer care team for all other enquiries.

Sustainability: 'Enviro' option to reduce the amount of plastic waste that can end up in our oceans and waterways.

Online Account: Free online accounts available for vets to conduct microchip searches, update clinic details and access the Lost Pet HUB.

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