Why Choose Enviro Microchips

We are passionate about our environment and want to do what we can to make a make a difference.


Value: ‘Enviro’ versions of all our Trovan microchips are available at no extra charge. Your organisation could go green without any additional cost at all.

Quality: Our Trovan ‘Enviro’ microchips are premium grade and made in Germany to a high 6 Sigma standard. This means that they are incredibly reliable to read with failures being very rare. They are designed to last longer than any animal’s lifetime.

Sustainable: Rather than using disposable implanters, our Trovan 'Enviro' chips are designed to be used with a reusable implanter. This significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste generated through microchipping ... and we supply the implanters free of charge.

Trovan 'Enviro' microchips are available for use in companion animals, wildlife research, zoos, conservation, laboratory research, aquaculture and fisheries. 


Order Enviro Microchips Today

  • Research/Zoo/Lab Animal Enviro Microchips - Click Here

  • Aquaculture/Fisheries Enviro Microchips - Click Here



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