4405 Lone Star Veterinary Retractor Ring

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Lone Star® Veterinary Retractor Ring

Product no. 4405 (25 x 14.2 cm ring + 6 thumb screws)

Veterinary Retractor Ring is designed to be used in general, abdominal, neurological, soft tissue, opthalmic and orthopedic surgery. It adapts to the anatomy of the surgical site by simple adjustment, and allows the veterinary professional to perform surgery without the need of an assistant. This is our larger retractor ring but can be quickly reduced in size to also be used in smaller avian and exotic surgeries.


For a wide range of animal procedures


• Low profile system, provides better visibility and access to the surgical site

• Dynamic adjustment of surgical field as dissection progresses

• Allows for unassisted surgery in both small and larger surgical sites

• Provides freedom to operate with both hands

• Supplied non-sterile but is fully autoclavable making the system cost effective for vet practice

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