GR-252 High Performance Portable Reader

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Introducing the new GR-252 Reader

The TROVAN GR-252 High Performance Portable Reader is designed specifically to operate in the most demanding environments, such as marine research applications and police anti-theft applications.
It is designed to quickly locate and accurately read a transponder, if there is one present, under the most adverse conditions. For this reason, read range, read area coverage and read speed have been maximized. This enables operators to quickly locate and read the transponder, even if it is not located where expected due to misapplication and even if the scanning time is severely limited. Unruly animals and harried work conditions often cause readers to be dropped or knocked off a counter onto the floor.
The reader may be hosed down to insure sanitary conditions. For these reasons, the GR-252 reader case is manufactured with heavy duty ABS and glass-filled polycarbonates that are securely fastened together. It is sealed to prevent moisture, caustic chemicals and salt air from intruding inside the case and damaging the electronics.
Reads Trovan Unique 128khz FDX-A microchips only.


  • Rugged, ergonomic design

  • Long reading ranges

  • Large reading area

  • IP65 Water Resistance Rating

  • System read capability: Trovan Unique

This reader comes with battery charger and free software. A USB communications cable for linking the GR252 reader to the computer is also supplied.


Technical Specs

Dimensions 185mm x 340mm x 115mm
Weight 1180g
Battery/Power Requirements

Internally rechargeable Li-Ion, 10.8V, 2250mAh, acc to UN38.3 certificate.

Connector automatically seals to IP67 when disconnected

Audio Indication




E-Ink graphical display (70x30mm), 296x128 pixels. Ultra-wide view angle and contrast.

Readable in sunlight.

Tactile Feedback Vibrator
Custom Name Assignment Yes
Firmware Bootloader Yes
Processor STM32F072
Memory Flash 128kB; RAM 16kB >100,000 readings with time and date stamps
Interface USB, BLE
Environment IP67


Operating Temperature

0˚C to +50˚C (-20˚F to +150˚F)

Storage Temperature -20˚C to +60˚C (-20˚F to +150˚F)

Reading Distance

Reads Trovan Unique 128khz  FDX-A only.



ID 100 – Vert: 16-19cm

ID 100/1.4 – Vert: 15-16cm

ID 200 – Vert: 27-30cm


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