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Introducing our new All-Round reader.

The Trovan LID574 ISO reader is capable of reading all transponders commonly used in Australia for the identification of dogs, cats and horses (Trovan ISO FDX-B microchips and Trovan Unique FDX-A microchips) while offering all-round performance and ergonomic design.


  • Ergonomic Design: The reader only weighs just 250g.

  • Hello USB-C: The LID 574 is the first Trovan reader to feature USB-C connectivity for faster charging and data-transfer.

  • Total Recall: Records over 100,000 records with date and time stamps.

  • ISO Compliant: The readers have the RFID technology to read all the ISO protocols; Trovan ISO FDX-B microchips and Trovan Unique FDX-A, certified in compliance with ISO11784 and ISO11785 standards.

  • Ultra-Wide Viewing: The new E-Ink display results in high contrast for ultra-wide viewing angles in sunlight.

  • Get Connected: It has Bluetooth technology to connect with other devices and also USB for PC (Bluetooth comes as standard with all readers).
  • Goes The Distance: Thanks to the Li-Ion 3.7V 3200mAh battery, this reader is capable of 3 hours of continuous reading on a single charge.
  • Competitive Price: This new all-round reader comes in at just $749 inc GST.
  • Not Afraid of Water: This device has a IP66 waterproof rating.



Technical Specs

Dimensions 192mm x 97mm x32mm
Weight 250g
IP Rating


Compliant With ISO

ISO11784 and ISO11785 standards compliant

Reading Distance

Trovan: 5cm

ISO Midi: 5cm

ID100 Midi: 3cm


Reading Capability

Reads all ISO FDX-B chips

Reads Trovan Unique FDX-A chips

Memory Capacity >100000 records with date & time stamp
Connectivity USB-C, Bluetooth Low Energy
Screen E Ink display (48x22mm OR 212x104 pixels) Ultra-wide viewing angle and contrast. Readable in sunlight.
Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion, 3.7V 3200mAh.
Battery Life

3 hours of continuous work

(button continuously pressed)

Operating Temperature -0 – +45°C
Storage Temperature -20 - +60°C
Operating Frequency


Housing Material



Product Resources


Software & Quickstart Guide


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