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The Trovan LID575 ISO reader has always been capable of reading all transponders commonly used in Australia for identification of dogs, cats and horses (ISO FDX-B and non-ISO FDX-A) with a great read range of about 80mm. But now the reader is also capable of reading HDX transponders such as the NLIS cattle ear tags and this new feature has been added AT NO EXTRA COST!
The reader can also be connected to a computer by a USB interface allowing you to store up to 5370 reads including day, date and time data. This data can then be transferred to a laptop or other computer, and displayed in a simple Excel spreadsheet format. The reader is lightweight (300grams including batteries) and is powered by 4 x 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries (can be rechargeable) It is splash proof and has a 2 x 16 character LCD display with backlight.
Another great feature is Last Number Recall allowing you to view the last microchip number read – even weeks afterwards!

LID575 MULTI- reads Trovan Unique (FDXA), Trovan Flex, Destron FDXA, AVID FDXA, Trovan ISO FDXB microchips and all other ISO FDXB microchips commonly used throughout Australia as well as HDX (e.g.NLIS cattle tags)

LID575 UNIVERSAL- reads all of the microchips that the LID575 MULTI reads as well as AVID encrypted microchips.


  • USB port at bottom, USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
  • LC-Display with backlight
  • Clock/calendar with lithium battery backup
  • Windows XP/7/10 PC software


  • Bluetooth wireless communication
  • EEprom memory expansion to 512kb
  • EEprom memory expansion to 1024kb.

Pheripheral equipment:

NOTE: Reader Software is NOT compatible with Macbook computers.

The Bluetooth module is compatible with Android and Apple phones.

To download a copy of the software and manual Click Here

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