LID-665 Decoder

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The LID665 OEM decoder is designed for use with single coil antenna only. 
The user can for example use this decoder as a plug-in board on his own designed backplane or as add-on decoder on a handheld computer.
The user can design its own special antenna or use a standard single coil antennae like the ANT614OEM, ANT614 and ANT613. Special antennae 
can be made on request. The reading distance depends on shape of antenna
and used transponder type. If a larger reading distance is required the LID650 decoder together with the TM613 single coil antenna driver should be used instead of the LID665 decoder.

Based on the firmware there are 4 versions available:

  • LID665:
    Standard version with ASCII RS232 protocol. On single point connection also the RS485 interface can be used for long cable distances using the ASCII protocol

  • LID665N:
    Networkable version using the RS485 2-wire bus system. Protocol in HEX format incl. addressing of the decoder. Same protocol can also be used on the RS232 interface when using single decoders on a short distance.

  • LID665-MULTI:
    The LID665-Multi decoder reads also the FDX-B ISO standard and EM4102 transponders. The communication protocol for RS232 and RS485 are the same, so only one order code.

  • LID665A:
    Special firmware version for use in access control applications. Is a networkable version using the RS485 2-wire bus system. Works together with our Trovan® Access Guard PC software. Also the RS232 interface can be used on single decoders on a short distance.


  • Dual power supply input: 5Vdc +/-5% or 7,5Vdc-30Vdc

  • Dimensions: 50 x 51 x 8 mm

  • Weight: approx. 20gr.

  • RS232 and RS485 interface, 1200.....19200 baud

  • 256kb EEprom for data storage, 6400 slots without data/time stamp, 3200 with data/time stamp.

  • Output for buzzer and LED indication

  • Windows 95/98/NT/XP PC software with Dbase function for access control applications

  • Realtime clock/calendar


  • Lithium battery backup to keep clock-calendar running when powered off

  • 512kb EEprom to store 12800 ID numbers without and 6400 with date and time

  • 1024kb EEprom to store 25600 ID numbers without and 12800 with date and time

  • I2C connection for serial communication

  • Custom specified serial Wiegand/clock-data/Omron protocol

  • backplane with screw connectors, fuses, max. 2 relay outputs, max. 2 inputs, buzzer and optional extra memory.

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