Livetrek Stealth

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The LiveTrek Stealth

An advanced GPS tracker



This product is now only available through Ultimate 9. Click here to visit their online store.

Exclusive Features:

  • The LiveTrek Stealth is designed to be easily hidden and does not need an external antenna. This will help to ensure that your car, 4x4, caravan, boat, jet ski, heavy machinery etc can be located in the event of theft, loss or accident.
  • Park Mode uses a motion sensor to send you an alert if the vehicle starts moving
  • This tracker does not need to be charged ... ever! It connects to the battery (6-36 volts) of any vehicle, boat or machine, giving you peace of mind. It draws very little power specially when in Sleep Mode.


  • The tracker is supplied with a pre-paid SIM card. Very little data is needed for each location update so your running cost will be less than $20 for the entire year!
  • Your tracker is viewed and controlled through the free iCar app, available for Android and Apple devices.  
  • LiveTrek Stealth can easily be installed in a concealed location allowing you to view its current location on a smartphone.
  • You can track multiple vehicles or boats on your phone. LiveTrek Stealth uses GPS satellites  for fixing the location but requires the mobile network to send that data to your phone.
  • If you wish, you can also share the location of your tracker with other smartphone users. This can be done by issuing them with codes that are specific to that tracker.
  • A virtual boundary can be created and you will be notified when the tracker moves outside this designated area.
  • Location history can be viewed for any day in the past week. 


Product Dimensions:

Height 63mm
Width 44.5mm
Depth 12.5mm
Weight 30g

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