Microchip Pet Feeder + Connect HUB

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An intelligent pet feeder for peace of mind.

It’s the ideal feeding solution for overweight cats, cats with medical conditions that require close monitoring of feeding or multi-pet homes where one pet steals another pet’s food.


  • Connect to the Sure Petcare app Receive notifications and view the frequency, duration and times that your pet feeds within the app.
  • Designed for multi-pet homes to stop pets stealing each others’ food. Suitable for cats & small dogs.

  • Ensures that prescription food is consumed by the right pet

  • Great for pets on weight management diets

  • Compatible with all identification microchips worldwide & SureFlap RFID collar tags

  • Works with the SureFlap RFID collar tag (one tag included)

  • Suitable for both wet and dry food. Bowl capacity 400 ml or two pouches of wet food

  • Sealed bowl keeps food fresher and free of flies

  • 6 months battery life (4 x C cell batteries -– not included). A low battery indicator will flash when the batteries need changing

  • Colourful bowls and mats available to purchase separately (1 x grey bowl, 1 x grey split bowl, 1 x grey mat included)

  • Stores up to 32 pet identities in memory. Remembers all registered pets even when the batteries are removed

  • 3-year warranty


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