The All-In-One Trovan/C.A.R. Microchip (10-Pack)

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 Order Size (Paperwork Data-Entry ONLY) Price Per Microchip
1-20 Packs (10-100 Microchips) $12.95
21+ Packs (Over 210 Microchips) $11.95

Please Note: Product sold in 10-Packs e.g. 1 Pack = 10 Microchips

International Shipping: Contact us for overseas orders of 20 packs or more.


Introducing the All-In-One Trovan/C.A.R. Microchip for companion animals.

You can order Trovan microchips in any combination of microchip size and data entry method. Prices will vary according to your selections.


1. Data-Entry Method: 

    Option A: Online ($9.45/Unit)

    • The C.A.R. subscriptions for these microchips can only be entered by you or your staff online. Not only does this remove the need for paper and printing. It also means that there will be no wait times for your clients and C.A.R. identification certificates can be printed and handed to owners immediately after the data has been entered online. Selecting this option will reduce the cost per microchip.

    Option B: Vedi - Smart Microchip Registrations (VIC, QLD & WA Only) ($8.45/unit)

    • With Vedi Smart Microchip Registration, microchip registrations can be completed within 30 seconds with instant confirmation. Both the Vetdi mobile app and Vedi pre-fills an online registration form and sends it straight to Central Animal Records. No need to mail forms in or manually enter registrations online.
    • To use Vedi Smart Microchip Registrations – which take less than 30 seconds to submit and confirm registration – you’ll need an account with Vedi and reside in Western Australia. If you're not signed up to Vedi already, use the button below to visit their website before or after purchasing your microchips.
    • You will also need a 'Vet Clinic' or 'Authorised Implanter' online account with Central Animal Records.

    Option C: Paperwork (From $11.45/Unit)

    • You can choose to post, fax or scan and email your subscription forms to C.A.R. for C.A.R. staff to enter or you can elect to enter the C.A.R. subscriptions yourself online.


    2. Microchip Size

    Option A: Midi-Chip (8mm x 1.4mm)

    • This is the more common microchip (transponder) size now used in most companion animals in Australia and is ideally suited to dogs and cats as well as birds and exotic pets.

    Option B: Conventional (12mm x 2.2mm)


    • The larger, 'Conventional-sized' microchip is ideally suited to large breed dogs and horses and has a slightly longer read range than the smaller “Midi-Chips”. 


      3. Implanter Format

        The All-In-One:

        • This combines the implanter, needle and microchip. This format is designed for those who prefer to use an 'All-In-One' implanter to deliver the microchip and the entire device is disposed of after use.

        Looking for the The Enviro option? Click here

        • This combines the needle and transponder only and requires the use of a re-usable implanter to implant the microchip. This format is designed for those who wish to reduce their impact on the environment by limiting the amount of plastic waste – only the needle is disposed of after use.





        You can also purchase Central Animal Records collar tags linked to the animal microchip record for further facilitation of reunions of owners with lost pets. Priced at an additional $1.90 inc GST per tag. You can order this as an addition to your Trovan/CAR package by selecting the option in the dropdown list.



        We have a helpful guide to assist you with entering our microchips on Central Animal Records with simple steps and screenshots.

        Download Guide

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