Trovan ID100 (1.25) FDX-A Nanotransponder Sterile 10-Pack

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 Order Size Price Per Microchip
1-50 Packs (10-500 Microchips) $7.90
50+ Packs (500+ Microchips) $6.90 Use Promo: NANO

Please Note: Product sold in 10-Packs e.g. 1 Pack = 10 Microchips

PLEASE NOTE: Nanotransponders require a Trovan Pistol Implanter (sold separately).

The Trovan ID100 (1.25) Nanotransponder is one of the smallest low 
frequency passive implantable transponders. The Trovan Nanotransponders
are 7mm long and 1.25mm diameter compared to the conventional Trovan
ID100 implantable microchips that measure 11mm x 2.2mm diameter.

The implantable format (Trovan ID100VB (1.25)) is ideal for use in identifying
very small mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians. The read range
makes it most suited to identifying captured or restrained animals.

The loose form (Trovan ID100A (1.25)) can be used in many industrial or
non-animate applications.

 Overall Size 1.25mm diameter
Weight 0.06 grams
Encapsulation Biocompatible glass
Identification Code 64 bits factory pre-programmed
Scan Angle Spherical
Transmit Time 119 microsecs/bit (8375 Baud)
Storage Temperature -40°C to +140°C
Operating Temperature -20°C to +75°C
Operating Frequency 128 kHz
Environment IP68 Submersible
Read Range

LID560 = 20mm max

LID572 = 20mm max

GR250 = 80mm max

AREH5 = 45mm max

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