Trovan ID103 Ruggedised Glass Transponder

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The ID 103 Ruggedised Micro Transponder has been designed for use in industrial applications such as the textile industry, industrial and institutional laundries, and for applications such as inventory management and others. The glass encapsulation is twice as thick as the standard ID 100 glass encapsulation, allowing transponders to survive rollers, garment presses and other impacts typical of similar industrial environments. The ID 103 is designed to survive temperatures up to 180°C, which is more than sufficient for steam tunnels and boiling water.

Possible applications for the ID103 transponder include production in the textile industry, laundering, small tool tracking, valuable items registration, insurance, art objects, printed circuit board ID, asset tracking, inventory management and identification of different items such as wheels, equipment and machinery.

Typical Read Range  Performance

Scanner Read Distance (mm)

GR250 90

AREH5 70

LID560/LID573 50

LID575 70

ANT612 80

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