All-In-One (50-Pack) & 560 Bundle

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1 x Trovan LID560 Handheld Reader

50 x Trovan/C.A.R. All-In-One Microchips (Online Data-Entry/Midi)

Effective Microchip Price $9.10/Unit (Normally $9.95/Unit)


About Trovan/CAR Enviro Microchips

All-In-One Format: This combines the implanter, needle and microchip. This format is designed for those who prefer to use an 'All-In-One' implanter to deliver the microchip and the entire device is disposed of after use.

Online Data-Entry: The C.A.R. subscriptions for these microchips can only be entered by you or your staff online. Not only does this remove the need for paper and printing. It also means that there will be no wait times for your clients and C.A.R. identification certificates can be printed and handed to owners immediately after the data has been entered online. Selecting this option will reduce the cost per microchip.

Midi-Chip (8mm x 1.4mm): This is the more common microchip (transponder) size now used in most companion animals in Australia and is ideally suited to dogs and cats as well as birds and exotic pets.

*Effective pricing is calculated based on the regular retail price of the microchips less the savings gained by bundling the products. The effective pricing cannot be applied to microchips purchased outside of the bundle.


About LID560

Our Most Popular Entry-Level Reader: The LID560 is a popular reader among vet clinics, breeders and animal welfare organisations.

Compatibility: Reads ALL ISO (FDX-B) and non-ISO (FDX-A) microchips found in animals in Australia.

Handy Features: The LID560 has a convenient 'Last Number Recall' function, a backlit 2-line LCD screen and a belt clip.

No computer connectivity.


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