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Your new microchip reader. The Trovan Wand.

Suitable for Companion Animal ISO microchips and Livestock HDX ear-tags, with high performance, ease of use and versatility.

This rugged tool with an ergonomic design makes your tasks easy. It has Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect your reader with scales and other devices to share information simultaneously.

  • Alphanumeric keyboard
  • An easy to read OLED screen when working outside
  • Quick reading, with sound , vibration and LED lights
  • Customisable attribute list to characterise all your readings.
  • Download your readings by USB to your PC (Windows/Mac) very easily

It's time to go PRO.

Greater control and peak performance with the Pro.

  • Upgraded Alphanumeric Keyboard
  • Registers Up To 35 Characteristics Per ID Read (8x more than the standard Trovan Wand Reader)


Greater Comfort: It weighs only 680 grams with an ergonomic design

It Has What It Takes: Personalise attributes for each animal to record the information that is important to you

More Than A Tool: Registers up to 4 characteristics for each ID read (Up to 35 characteristics)

ISO Compliant: The readers have the RFID technology to read all the ISO protocols; HDX and FDX-B tags, certified in compliance with ISO11784 and ISO11785 standards

A Long & High Performance: High capacity battery that lasts a whole workday

Get Connected: It has Bluetooth technology to connect with scales and other devices, and also USB for PC

Storage: It has a great storage capacity that can backup up to 1.1 million readings

Reading Capability: Reads anywhere along the pole extension with fast readings and continuous reading mode to maximise your time

Weather Resistant: Designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions

Easy Management: Free software is provided that allows you to edit, save and manage all your readings

Technical Specs

Dimensions 660mm x 68mm x 50mm
Weight 680g
RFID Tag technology 134,2 kHz (+/- 100 ppm)
Compliant With ISO ISO11784 and ISO11785 standards
Reading Distance ISO FDX-B (120mm), ISO HDX (Up to 300mm)
Reading Speed Up to 80 readings/minute
Data Storage Capacity Flash Memory (16mb), SD Card (Up to 32gb) Backup up to 1.1 million readings
Connectivity USB, Bluetooth
PC Requirements USB port. Windows XP or later, or MAC
Screen OLED Screen 128x64 pixels
Controls Alphanumeric
Battery Rechargeable lithium ion 7.4 VDC 2200 mAh.
Battery Autonomy

14 hours of continuous work (in continuous reading mode)

Operating Temperature -10°C a +55°C
Storage Temperature -25°C a +70°C
Operating Humidity 0% a 80%
Housing Material ABS and fibreglass


Product Resources:

- User Manual

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