(Enviro - Research) Trovan ID162C ISO FDX-B Transponder - 10 Pack

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With our new 'Enviro-Research' microchips, you can enjoy the benefits of our traditional TROVAN microchips in the 'In-needle-only' format. This means less plastic waste. This is a great option if you want to reduce your environmental impact without paying a higher price. 

Want to find out more about 'Enviro' microchips? - Click Here

The Trovan ID162 ISO FDX-B implantable transponder is 11mm long and 2.2mm in diameter and is designed for animal identification. Being compliant with ISO Standards 11784 & 11785, well suited to the identification of companion animals in countries requiring the use of ISO FDXB transponders for that purpose but the product can also be used for a other animals including research animals, production animals and everything in between.

For use with specialised Trovan implanter (sold separately)

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